Q: What is the closing date for applications?

A: Applications for 2023 are now open and will close when all places have been filled.

Q: When will the auditions for 2023 courses be held?

A Live auditions are held at our studios in Chippendale on Saturday afternoons at 2.00pm (approx. 60 minutes duration) in NOVEMBER 2022. Simply click the link below to book your preferred date.


Q: Is it possible to audition online via video submission?

A: Yes. If you are unable to audition in person you may submit a video of your monologue at any time. You will not be disadvantaged in any way if you choose this option. Simply click the link below for information on how to prepare and submit the video via email to info@sydneytheatreschool.com


Q: What does the audition involve?

A: A monologue of your choice up to 3 mins duration.

Q: Do you have an open day or information session?

A: No. Prospective auditionees/students are welcome to contact us (via email or phone) to arrange a personal inspection of the school and meet with the staff and students at any mutually agreeable time. Weekdays during business hours or Saturday afternoons are preferred for meetings but other times may be arranged if this is not suitable. There is a free introductory class and information session the week prior to each Beginners Course intake.

Q: Will I get an agent and acting work at the end of the Diploma course?

A: Many graduates have secured representation at the end of the course and some do so in the months and years after graduation. It depends on how hard you work and how persistent you are. If you work hard and listen to the advice you are given during your time with us and continue gathering training and experience after graduation it is likely that you’ll secure representation sooner or later. All graduates of the Advanced Diploma program are guaranteed a place with our affiliated actors’ agency Sydney Creative Management www.sydneycm.com.au

Q: Do I have enough experience or talent to gain entry to the program?

A: The main pre-requisites for acceptance onto the Diploma of Theatre & Screen (Acting) program are: the ability to perform a short monologue; a positive attitude; a strong level of commitment and the determination required to pursue a professional acting career. Experience in high school drama; amateur theatre or a short beginner’s acting course is usually sufficient. The program is also suitable for those with more experience who want to hone their skills and showcase their work to the industry in high-quality productions directed by working industry professionals.

Q: What are the audition criteria?

A: Auditonees must prepare and perform one monologue. We are looking for the following qualities: Thorough preparation –

  • The ability to create and sustain a character within an imagined world
  • Evidence of thought and feeling behind the actions and words
  • The ability to take direction
  • The ability to use the voice and body freely and flexibly
  • The ability to express thought and feeling through movement
  • Focus and concentration
  • Imagination and creativity


Q: I am mainly interested in film and TV acting – will this course help?

A: Most definitely. It’s best to gain as much stage experience as possible BEFORE going into a film and television acting career. The underlying principles of both performance styles are similar, but the delivery and execution of the performance are vastly different. The demands of stage acting require a lot of work on the voice and body and this is best done as soon as possible (i.e. prior to starting a film career). Also, most actors find that they need to be as versatile as possible and open to employment opportunities across as many genres as possible. Not many are able (or willing) to say they are only interested in film and TV work. In fact, most actors derive much more satisfaction from the immediacy of stage acting and the connection with an audience than they do from working in film and television. Our Diploma courses also include extensive training and experience in screen acting.

Q: I already have lots of experience in amateur theatre – how will this course benefit me?

A: While some experience in amateur theatre may be a valuable asset in the early stages of your career, it will only take you so far. Amateur credits are not highly regarded in the professional arena, and often you are working with directors and fellow actors who are only doing it as a hobby. This can mean you will often pick up and reinforce bad habits that will ultimately be harmful to your career prospects. The only way to progress and take your career to the next stage is to work closely with experienced professional directors and fellow actors with the same goals and commitment as you.

Q: How many students are usually in each class?

A: There is usually around 16-24 students in each acting class (we reserve the right to increase or change this number at any time before or during the program at our discretion).

Q: What is the age range and background of students?

A: The ages of students accepted into the program in the past has ranged from seventeen to early fifties. The bulk of students are in their late teens and early twenties and there is always a good balance of youth and maturity. All students will have demonstrated the required skills, attitude and commitment required to successfully complete the programme requirements and embark on an acting career on completion of the program.

Q: What are the course fees?

A: The fees for courses including interest free payment plans will be discussed during an interview after your successful audition.

Q: Is it possible to get government student loans, CENTRELINK or AUSTUDY assistance for any of your courses?

A: No. The Diploma and Advanced Diploma of Theatre and Screen (Acting) courses DO NOT qualify students for VSL, AUSTUDY , YOUTH ALLOWANCE or TRAVEL CONCESSION CARDS. The one year part-time Beginners course also does not have VSL, AUSTUDY or YOUTH ALLOWANCE eligibility.

Q: Can I qualify for a student visa if I enroll in one of your courses?

A: No. Our courses do not qualify participants for a student visa, however if you hold another visa such as a tourist or working holiday visa you may be eligible. For information on visa conditions go to www.immi.gov.au.

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