Mark Matthews - B.A. (Theatre); Dip. Ed. (Drama); M.A. (Directing); Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAE40110); Certificate IV in Small Business Management

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As a graduate of the University of Western Sydney with Bachelor of Arts (Theatre), Graduate Diploma of Education (Drama) and Master of Arts (Directing) degrees to his name, Mark brings a wealth of knowledge, dedication and passion for the arts to Sydney Theatre School.

Mark’s extensive experience in acting, directing, teaching and production roles, ranging from Artistic Director and Director through to General Manager, sees him bring a hands-on approach and deep understanding of actor-training to his role as Sydney Theatre School’s Head of School.

He has performed as an actor in many theatre productions, television shows and TV commercials. He has also directed over thirty theatre productions at venues such as the Stables Theatre; Pilgrim Theatre; King Street Theatre; Seymour Centre; Sidetrack Theatre; Parade Studio, NIDA; Figtree Theatre and others. In 2009 his production of This Mortal Coil toured to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival garnering several favourable reviews and one cast member a Commendation for Acting award from the Sunday Times.

His other notable roles include Artistic Director of the Pilgrim Theatre in Sydney from 1995-1998; Affiliate Director with the Sydney Theatre Company; and General Manager of Sydney Art Theatre in 1998; Co-Director of City Drama Studio Pty Ltd. from 1998-2001; Head of Drama and drama teacher at several Sydney private schools; Lecturer in Drama at Uxbridge College, London in 2002-2003; and Director of the actors’ agency, Sydney Creative Management, from 2006-present.

Mark’s reputation in the industry earned him a place on the panel of industry judges for the Most Outstanding Actor category, at the 2011 TV Week Logie Awards.

Directing Credits Include:

Welcome to NISA (Sydney Theatre School); Measure for Measure (Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2014); A Property of the Clan (Sydney Theatre School); After Dinner (Sidetrack Theatre); This Mortal Coil (Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2009 and Seymour Centre); The Letter (Short and Sweet); King Lear (Seymour Centre); Ten Minutes (Short and Sweet); 4.48 Psychosis (Sydney Theatre School); Hidden Features (Short & Sweet); All’s Well That Ends Well (Parade Studio, NIDA); Working – A Musical (St Patrick’s College); A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Working – A Musical, A View of Tomorrow, Twelfth Night; Dags & Taking Breath (Uxbridge College, London); A Midsummer Night’s Dream (City Drama Studio); Dags and Boss of the Pool (Reddam House); Love for Love (Assistant Director, Sydney Theatre Company); A Doll’s House (Sydney Art Theatre); Crystal’s Room (Stables Theatre); Measure for Measure (Shakespeare Festival Australia); Square One, The Actor’s Nightmare, The Wild Goose, The Big Funk and After Dinner (Pilgrim Theatre); No Flies on Santa and Doctor Flawless (Harold Park Hotel).

Acting credits include:

Theatre: Macbeth (New Theatre); A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Figtree Theatre); Supper for Four Hands (Sydney Art Theatre); The Actor’s Nightmare (Pilgrim Theatre); A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Romeo and Juliet, The Merchant of Venice, Macbeth & Antony and Cleopatra (Shakespeare Where You Like It); The Cult from Old Tibet & Doctor Flawless (Harold Park Hotel); Cosi, The Chapel Perilous, De Ja Vu, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, The Last Days of the World (Theatre Nepean); Much Ado About Nothing & As You Like It (Shakespeare by the Sea); Dimboola (Theatre Arts Productions); Division Street (Rocks Players); The Rimers of Eldrich, A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Graham Corry School of Acting); Film & TV: Chandon Pictures; Police Rescue; Home and Away; Cody; The Sum of Us & Australia’s Most Wanted as well as a range of television commercials including: Gas-X; GIO Insurance; MBF Health Fund; The Sun-Herald; Woolworths; Strongbow Cider.

Reviews – Theatre productions directed by Mark Matthews.

This Mortal Coil is a dense, multi-faceted play…a daringly experimental piece best suited to those with a serious interest in contemporary theatre…thought-provoking drama with some fine performances by this group of up-and-comers”

All the Festivals (Edinburgh Fringe)

“Strong acting based on an improvised theme is combined with wit, satire and a sensitive portrayal of strong emotion (This Mortal Coil). If you see nothing else at this venue see this. It’s a gem from down under – a truly innovative and thought provoking look at life from the other side.”

Quaker Meeting House (Edinburgh Fringe)

This Mortal Coil is a thought-provoking tale of seven different women from different decades and places who find themselves in a room with no exit. Their discussion of how the world differs between the times the women come from causes many amusing moments, and although the moral of finding one’s own path in life is somewhat simplistic, the method of arriving at it is what makes the play a pleasure to watch, alongside the mature acting skills of these promising young actresses.” ****

Three Weeks (Edinburgh Fringe)

“Mark Matthews’ production (A Doll’s House) for Sydney Art Theatre has many strengths. It is set in the period, but stripped of fuss…This is an excellent production for school audiences as well as those who have already cottoned on to Sydney Art Theatre’s European style and low-priced high standards…The clarity of the interpretation here is of particular note”.

Sydney Morning Herald

“Director Mark Matthews and designer Bogdan Koca have made Ibsen’s classic (A Doll’s House) as shocking, fresh and relevant as it ever was and, with great performances….it makes for a great evening’s theatre”.

Sunday Telegraph

“This production, directed by Mark Matthews, recognises not only the tragedy of Nora’s plight but also the humour of her situation…Ibsen’s A Doll’s House is an important work and this production is one of the few I’ve seen to do it justice”.

Revolver Magazine

“Matthews’ direction strikes all the right notes as Ibsen’s story unfolds…Go see! One scene of A Doll’s House has more dramatic force than some complete plays that are currently running in Sydney at the moment”.

South Sydney Bulletin

“Ibsen’s A Doll’s House (directed by Mark Matthews) is a first rate piece of theatre by any standard…The acting by the entire cast is superb, as are the directing and designs”.

The Australian Jewish News

“This is a most exciting production of a difficult play (Measure for Measure). Under the direction of Mark Matthews, the play was performed with great power and passion by all concerned in what was ultimately a thought-provoking production”.

Newtown Bridge

“Mark Matthews, who directs (Crystal’s Room) and his actors are inspired by the group-devised work of British director Mike Leigh…like Leigh, the trio of authors has created characters and dialogue with the ring of depressing authenticity”.

Sydney Morning Herald

“Director Mark Matthews had a hand in devising the piece (Crystal’s Room), and this shows in his directing, which is thoughtful and compelling, maintaining the action of the play at a rolling boil until it reaches its climax”.

Beat Magazine

“It’s a great production (The Big Funk) with everything a day can bring – humour, shock, happiness and sadness. The cast is directed with a sure hand by Mark Matthews”.

The Daily Telegraph

“Director Mark Matthews and the performers…do a wonderful job of creating conflict, hysteria, drama and witty exchanges in a piece (After Dinner) that is extremely funny”.

Beat Magazine

“There is entertainment here (After Dinner) and honest acting under director Mark Matthews”.

The Australian Jewish News

“Congratulations are due to writer / director / performer Mark Matthews for having conceived and executed this flawlessly irreverent farce (Doctor Flawless). I urge you to see this show and to take your friends too – you won’t regret it. It’s dynamite”.

The Drum Media

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