About Sydney Theatre School

Established in 2005 by Managing Director Mark Matthews, the school has trained hundreds of students in the craft of acting and produced over 100 shows including 40+ world-premiere original productions along with dozens of contemporary and classical plays.

With a diverse range of highly experienced teaching and directing staff, the school is producing highly-skilled actors who are ready for the demands of the theatre and entertainment industry and who are ready to begin working as professional actors in both stage and screen on graduation.

Our philosophy is hands-on learning and giving students real-world experience in a professional working environment. Our courses provide a fully comprehensive training program, equipping graduates with everything they need to embark on a long-term career in all genres of theatre, film and television acting both in Australia and internationally.

Graduate Achievements

Since 2005, Sydney Theatre School has been responsible for producing excellent Australian talent that have gone onto much success both here and overseas. Our one year part-time Certificate course has prepared eight students for acceptance into NIDA; three into the Victorian College of the Arts; two into QUT; one into Central School of Speech and Drama (London) and one into Jacques La Coq International Theatre School in Paris.

Many others have gone on to appear in some of Australia’s highly-acclaimed TV and theatre productions in the past few years, namely:

Crownies; Home and AwayPacked to the RaftersThe PacificAt Home with JuliaUnderbelly; Deadly WomenUnder Suspicion; ISpryVividwireless; Spartacus: Blood and Sand; Tricky Business; Hide and Seek; Backyard Ashes; The Great Gatsby; Doctor Doctor; Dark Temptations; Chosen; along with countless TV commercials including Commonwealth Bank; NSW Teacher’s Federation; IsoWhey; KENO; Jack Daniels; Woolworths; plus many short films and independent feature films. Many other graduates of Sydney Theatre School have also performed with major theatre companies including: Sydney Theatre Company; Ensemble Theatre; Belvoir St Theatre; Bell Shakespeare Company; New Theatre; Darlinghurst Theatre; Short and Sweet; Shakespeare by The Sea; Fawlty Towers – The Dining Experience; Sydney Fringe Festival; and Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

What is possibly one of the most successful productions in the history of Sydney Theatre School is This Mortal Coil which was performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Scotland in 2009. Written and directed by the head of the School, Mark Matthews, This Mortal Coil scored a fantastic four-star review from UK magazine Three Weeks and featured Pollyanna Nowicki, who received a commendation for acting from the highly-respected Sunday Times for their NSDF Emerging Artist Awards. Since then we have taken six more productions to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival: Measure for Measure and Oleanna (2014); Who’s Afraid of the Working Class (2015); and Poo Shame, Vagina Curiosity and Other Things That Won’t Kill You and Besieged (2016); Clitorosity, Cocktastrophes and Other Things You Can’t Get Your Mouth Around (2017).

With the first graduates of our full-time Advanced Diploma of Arts (Acting) completing the program in November 2015, Sydney Theatre School will continue producing new Australian talent, providing prospective actors with the skills and means to perform at their best under the guidance of highly respected directors and teachers. More importantly, all students are given the support and knowledge needed to help find employment opportunities and showcase their work to leading casting directors and producers. No doubt we will have more exciting success stories from other graduates of Sydney Theatre School in the many years to come.



Why Choose Sydney Theatre School?

Comprehensive training in all facets of acting for theatre, film and television, giving you a wide range of valuable experience.

We focus mainly on performance and production based training, so your learning will be tailored to the needs of industry and audiences, rather than classroom-based theoretical exercises designed to please a teacher.

We provide an environment that fosters creativity and ignites passions, encouraging you to follow your chosen career path with a nurturing and supportive approach.

Industry-recognised courses, giving you real-world experience in acting to help you gain employment in this exciting industry.

We’ve got fantastic connections with some of Sydney’s best casting directors, agents and producers, so you’ll get every chance to showcase your talent in front of employers and other entertainment industry representatives.

What are you waiting for?

Join Us Now And Set Your Acting Career On The Right Path.

Whatever your aspirations, Sydney Theatre School offers a platform for growth, enabling graduates to progress further into training or a career in performing arts.

What our graduates say

“At STS I have not only learnt how to refine my skills as an actor

but I have also been empowered to create and to me that’s something special

Dale William Morgan - Advanced Diploma Graduate

“This is a great course for gaining experience in performance…working with the directors gives you a great variety of methods and feedback

I have grown so much as an actor this year with each term teaching me new techniques. I loved every minute, met heaps of great people and learnt a lot.

Nathan Kayes - Diploma Graduate

“The year at Sydney Theatre School is one that you would be foolish to pass up

It’s a unique form of educatiion training, providing everything you need to begin a career in the Performing Arts.

Jordan Shea - Diploma Graduate

“From day one at Sydney Theatre School I felt welcome and comfortable

I have had the best year of my life and learned so much not only in terms of my acting and the industry, but with myself. Taking on three completely different productions and working with professional and dedicated directors were experiences I will never forget and will take with me for the rest of my acting career. This course is absolutely perfect for anybody serious about becoming a professional actor.

Michelle Ramsay - Diploma Graduate

“All I have to say is that Sydney Theatre School was not only the best time of my life but it was also the most fun!

You learn so much from the directors and the atmosphere makes you want to push your skills to the limit!

Pamela Ghosn - Diploma Graduate

“I can’t begin to describe what a fantastic year I have had

It’s been a wonderful experience, and I have gained valuable insight into the industry by working with some of Sydney’s most talented directors. The flexible night time/Saturday classes are fantastic if you choose to study or work in between your shows.

Belinda Popovski - Diploma Graduate

“Sydney Theatre School has been an experience I will never forget

I gained so many skills and it did wonders for my confidence. I met so many life-long friends and it has been the most amazing year of my life.

Kelly Loomes - Diploma Graduate

“Sydney Theatre School is a fantastic course

It really was a year that changed my life. Not only did I get to work with highly experienced and brilliant directors, but I also got valuable experiences and opportunities. I would highly recommend this course to anyone wishing to enter the industry. Ten out of ten.

Lewis Scamozzi - Diploma Graduate

“Sydney Theatre School is an amazing introduction to the acting industry

You not only improve your acting skills but are given clear guidance as to the next steps you should take upon graduation.

Victoria Allen - Diploma Graduate

“Sydney Theatre School has been an amazing experience that has firmly set in place the fundamentals and put me on the right path for a successful acting career

The classes have been varied and comprehensive and there is no better way to apply what we have learnt than having the opprtunity to perform at the end of each term.

Matt Lausch - Advanced Diploma Graduate

“I really appreciated my time at Sydney Theatre School

The skills I learnt were invaluable. The course gave me confidence and reinforced the importance and beauty of acting and theatre. The production-based training is the greatest aspect; it made me learn quickly under pressure.

Julie Eagleton - Diploma Graduate

“Coming straight out of school, it was fantastic to participate in a course that is not looking for the best UAI

Being in a production-based course was the best way for me to acquire experience.

Avril Chestnut - Diploma Graduate

“I would highly recommend Sydney Theatre School to anyone looking to enter the industry

You have the opportunity to learn from a number of directors who each have their own style. I was able to figure out what works best for me and where to go next. A very enjoyable year.

Alex Butt - Diploma Graduate

“This year has been a very challenging and positive experience, at all levels, personal, creative and professional

The commitment of all the directors involved is, as far as I am concerned, astounding.

Pascale Hair - Diploma Graduate

“I believe that you learn more when you are on the job

And that is exactly what has happened during my time at Sydney Theatre School. Throughout the year I have been given the opportunity to work with three of the most amazing directors on three amazing plays.

Daniel Fischer - Diploma Graduate

“I have learnt so much this year and my confidence has grown

As someone coming back into theatre it was a great course for polishing old skills but also learning new ones and taking things to the next level.

Lyndal Judges - Diploma Graduate

“I learnt so much in my short amount of time at Sydney Theatre School

Not only did I gain the knowledge of what is needed to become a professional actor, I also learnt so much about myself. I now have more confidence to go out into the world and follow my acting dream.

Heidi Lupprian - Diploma Graduate

“Sydney Theatre School provides you with fantastic practical experience

As well as invaluable information about the industry and the business of being an actor. I highly recommend it for all people considering acting as a career.

Alana Rafter - Advanced Diploma Graduate

“What a memorable and exciting experience!

Sydney Theatre School has opened my eyes to the industry through it’s production-based course.

Ashlea Mary Cohen - Diploma Graduate

“Sydney Theatre School taught me so much about myself and my capabilities as well as about the practicalities af the acting world

It will open many doors for me in the future and has been an amazing start towards an acting career. Bonding closely with professional directors and fellow students has been a highlight for me.

Laura Tilt - Diploma Graduate

“The course was good. Very good.

It has certainly changed me as a person, and for that I am eternally grateful. The production-based aspect of the course was what drew me to it, and it has made me into a more experienced performer. This wouldn’t have happened if all we’d focused on was technique.

Ingrid Hu - Diploma Graduate

“The thing I loved most about this course was being able to make mistakes, learn to act and give everything a go while at the same time being treated like a professional

It was a fantastic opportunity that allowed me to push my boundaries.

Luci Taylor - Diploma Graduate

“This course has provided me with everything I need to make a start in the acting industry

Not only have I grown and developed as an actor, I have also gained vital knowledge of the industry that will help me in launching my professional career. This course has exceeded my expectations and I have also made friendships that will last a lifetime.

Kate Bluhdorn - Diploma Graduate

“A great opportunity to work with industry professionals in a practical environment.

I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone that wants to learn about drama and theatre and the skills required to be a professional actor.

Jacqueline Mendoza - Diploma Graduate

“This past year at Sydney Theatre School has been an excellent experience.

Being able to work on different types of productions with different directors has increased my skills dramatically as an actor and taught me a lot about the real world of acting.

Daniella Hoffman - Diploma Graduate

“I came into this course wanting to brush up on my skills and network

However upon completion what I left with was much much more valuable.

Alexandra Howard - Diploma Graduate

“My time spent at Sydney Theatre School was one of the greatest experiences of my life!

I learnt things as a performer I never thought I would have, which helped me immensely throughout the year.

Steve Maresca - Advanced Diploma Graduate

“This year was the best year of my life

The teachers are amazing, the students are amazing. The school is amazing!

Alex Lowe - Diploma Graduate

“Sydney Theatre School gave me all

Sydney Theatre School gave the tools, techniques and most importantly the experience to enter the acting world confidently with the skills and knowledge I require.

Amber Smith - Diploma Graduate

“The Diploma of Theatre Performance is the only part-time acting course that offers REAL opportunities in the industry

Working with directing professionals who are challenging and active in, eg; the Darlinghurst and Belvoir Street theatres; performing at established venues and the amazing incentive of securing an agent at the end of the year if my work was outstanding.

Brooke Doherty - Diploma Graduate

“I have learnt more in this year than I have in any other year of my life

And it will stick with me for the rest of my life as an actor.

Tom Nauta - Diploma Graduate

“This was the perfect course for me.

I was able to keep up with my 9-5 job and undertake professional theatre training at the same time. It was demanding but worth every minute of it!

Ross Young - Diploma Graduate

“STS has been an amazing experience

Being able to graduate with various productions under my belt is great. The directors have been so helpful and inspiring and the lessons learnt have been truly helpful.

Rosemary Ghazi - Diploma Graduate

“A training platform that has encouraged vulnerability, expression and fearlessness when creating and performing at Sydney Theatre School.

I’ve learnt to manage my weaknesses and immerse within my strengths  allowing me to embody the statue of a professional actor. I encourage from novice to an experienced actor, develop your craft at Sydney Theatre School as new doors, relations and skills are built from day one.

Mark Anderson - Advanced Diploma Graduate

“My training at STS has been invaluable.

I have made so many professional connections through my studies and grown so much as an actor. As I graduate I feel I have all the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in the industry and the support of peers and tutors behind me.

Sean Foster - Advanced Diploma Graduate

“Sydney Theatre School develops a great pathway between the actor and the industry.

Students have the opportunity to work alongside a number of respected actors, directors and working industry professionals. Teachers and mentors are professional and provide current and relevant knowledge that gives real insight into the acting industry. STS creates a bridge between the actor and the industry through developing their craft and exposure to endless opportunities during their study.


Chloe Baldacchino - Advanced Diploma Graduate

“STS offers a friendly but challenging environment with many chances to perform and work with great industry professionals.

I’d really recommend it to anyone who is serious about acquiring the skills of performance and theatre in a professional setting.

Alyssa Charlton - Diploma Student 2018

“An enriching and intimate learning environment with teachers professionally experienced in the industry.

Sydney Theatre School provides training in a wide spectrum of acting methodologies, equipping the student with a nuanced set of skills to utilise across their career. Not to mention the joyous memories it’ll gift for life!


Antony Press - Diploma Student 2018

“Sydney Theatre School is the perfect place to nurture your love of acting and learn what it takes to make it in the industry.

The teachers are knowledgeable industry professionals and your classmates are like-minded individuals with a passion for acting and all things performance. I loved every day at STS

Joshua Horwitz - Diploma Student 2018

“Sydney Theatre School is the best opportunity for a practical, on-the-floor approach to actor training with some of the most qualified and insightful trainers in the industry.

Would absolutely recommend this course of study to anyone looking to develop their performance skills whilst training under the most dedicated teachers.


Bridget Gielissen - Advanced Diploma Graduate

“Studying at STS prepared me for the world of acting in the emotional, intellectual and practical sense better than I could imagine.

Each teacher provides different valuable skills and challenges students based on their individual level and needs. The improvement over one year as an actor and artist has been so precious.

Kashmir Miller - Diploma Student 2018

“The quality of teaching here is above anything else available in Sydney.

Sydney Theatre School taught me the technique and the industry from the ground up in a working theatre environment.

David Neill - Advanced Diploma Graduate