Event Date: June 7, 9, 12 & 14

  The comic account of one woman's extraordinary mission to end the Peloponnesian War, as Lysistrata convinces the women of Greece to withhold sexual privileges from their husbands as a means of forcing the men to negotiate a peace. Written by: Aristophanes Directed by: Luke Rogers CAST Madeline Beukers Heaven-Cheyenne Campbell Paris Change Gemma Clinch Shayne... Find out more

Clitorosity, Cocktastrophes and Other Things You Can't Get Your Mouth Around When a man and a woman...or a woman and a woman...or a man and a man...or any combination, really, love each other very much, they come together - well, not always together. That can be a problem. Not to mention body curiosity, mystery stains, and an abundance of sexual catastrophes. From the company t... Find out more

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