The Burial at Thebes

Event Date: June 14, 16 & 18

The Burial at Thebes A version of Sophocles' Antigone "Whoever isn't for us is against us in this case" As dawn breaks at the end of a civil war, two brothers lie dead having killed each other in battle, one attacking Thebes, the other defending it. Desperate to gain control over the city, the new King Creon refuses to bury the body of Antigone's rebellious brother, declaring ... Find out more

First Year Acting Showcase

Event Date: June 7-11

FIRST YEAR ACTING SHOWCASE A presentation of short two-hander scenes from various Australian and international plays along with scenes written and devised by students themselves in collaboration with their teacher. Performed by first year STS Advanced Diploma of Arts (Acting) students. Directed by Malcolm Frawley and Robert Carne GROUP A Performed by: Chloe Baldacchino... Find out more


Event Date: June 15, 17 & 19

Besieged What happens when a group of young Australian performers ignore warnings and dive head first into the murky waters of media and terrorism? Questions around sensationalism, semantics and mass grief surface and we are surrounded in the centre of a city under siege. At once explosive physical theatre and introspective personal drama, Besieged asks you to consider: who is rea... Find out more

Poo Shame, Vagina Curiosity and Other Things That Won't Kill You Have you been mistaken for a pervert? Are you awkward in a sex shop? Do you try to disguise your farts with a cough? Have you ever wondered how scissoring works? Do you enjoy having your sphincter tickled? Does your fake orgasm deserve an Oscar? Do you poo, wee, have a penis, vagina, neither or both? If you answered ... Find out more

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